IPMS Case Studies


IPMS Case Studies


The IPMS project follows a ‘participatory market oriented commodity value chain development’ approach.

Three key elements of this approach include:

1. Focus on value chain components - instead of production technology focus;
2. Innovations systems approach – with a focus on the linking and capacitating value chain partners, and
3. Assessment, synthesis and sharing of knowledge gained in project implementation.

Assessing the approach includes identification of marketable commodities along with the evaluation of value chain constraints and interventions tested to alleviate such constraints, through a participatory process.

The project introduced this approach in 10 Pilot Learning Districts in Ethiopia with the objective of testing/adopting the approach so that it can be promoted nationwide.

This section contains IPMS commodity case studies documenting diagnostic results and value chain interventions carried out by the project. The case studies provide evidence of concepts, challenges and lessons learned during project implementation that may be relevant when considering scaling out interventions.

However, these case studies are still considered work in progress by authors and will be updated. They are presented here as recent and available information to be shared and used by those who need it.

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Increasing economic benefit from apiculture through value chain development approach: the case of Alaba special district, Southern Ethiopia 1269
Participatory smallholder dairy value chain development in Fogera woreda, Ethiopia: Experiences from IPMS project interventions 1261
Commercialization of vegetable production in Alamata Woreda, Northern Ethiopia: processes and impact 1181

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